Drummin' For Life

Drummin’ For Life is a successful program which engages participants on multiple levels simultaneously including physically, vocally, cognitively, socially and spiritually.  Drummin’ For Life is an accessible, fun, social program that allows each person to participate at one’s own comfort.  


Where do Drummin’ For Life Programs take place?

Drummin’ For Life Programs bring lively interactive events to variety of facilities including Day Programs for Adults, Senior Activity Centers, Memory Care/Alzheimer’s programs, Assisted Living Programs, Independent Living and Skilled Nursing Programs. Drummin’ For Life serves the Greater Bay Area including San Francisco, San Rafael, Fairfield, Oakland, Fremont, San Jose and Palo Alto.  

Do I need musical training before participating? 

No, the program welcomes participants of no or any musical background.  It is inclusive of people with any physical and cognitive limitation.

What happens during the program?

The Drummin’ For Life program begins with putting participants at ease musically and socially. Our creative inner-critics are encouraged to take a vacation!  Participants play drums and other percussion instruments within a fun atmosphere where “mistakes” don’t exist.  Songs that are familiar and preferred by the participants accompany the experience. 

Throughout the program there are couple breaks from drumming.  The Music Therapist maintains the group’s playful spirit while participants give their hands a break from drumming.  The Music Therapist may strum the group’s favorite songs,teach a joyful hula or create a relaxing soundscape with live music during this break.  

Once the drumming starts up again, some participants may choose to lead the whole group!  Individuals and the community are uplifted by this empowerment exercise!  The Music Therapist continues to hold the space and to lead as needed while encouraging the group to comfortably play music together.  The Drummin’ For Life program concludes with a unified beautiful closing.  

What assistance is needed from on-site staff or volunteers?  

Music Therapists invite program staff or volunteers to help in any of these three ways:    

Thank you for helping!

R P M stands for three ways to help . . .

1.  Role model participation

by clapping or drumming as prompted by the Music Therapist

2.  Physically assist

by handing out instruments and readjusting Seating

3.  Musically support

by playing a steady pulse or simple rhythm

for others to improvise around

How can I become a volunteer?

Contact Kathy Quain at Kathy@MusicForTherapy.com and 415 299 4767 if you are interested in becoming a volunteer.  We can talk about what sites are in your local area and what requirements (such as a TB test) are needed.  


How can I schedule a Drummin’ For Life program?

Contact Kathy Quain at Kathy@MusicForTherapy.com and 415 299 4767.  Please include your facility’s location and what times and days are requested for an upcoming month.


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